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Our Projects

Ozur have helped to fund and realise the following projects:


Graph.Direct was created to simplify complexity by bringing the best minds together to solve complex problems using advanced, artifical intelligence. We create ontological models to data creating knowledge networks. These networks can be used for discovery, forensic, simulation and creating models of digital twins and alternate realities.

This Joint Venture between Ozur and Datamonk provides thought leadership, architecture and governance on client projects related to situational awareness, multi-planar reality mapping and new contextual and network, mesh modelling approaches.

These data modelling approaches are highly applicable to security, defence, education, finance and health.

Sustainable Energy

One of Ozur’s long term partners are growing their import interests in sustainable energy and housing solutions. There long term relationships with international suppliers and Asian-Pacific governments position them well to both enter new markets with confidence and also work with their clients to provide more rapid and targetted outcomes.

Ozur has partnered with them to establish new territories and identify large sales deals in Australia and overseas that will deliver repeatable sales and long-term sustainable growth.

While the initial focus is on the delivery of the latest in Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS).

Physical Security

A unique Security company was seeking help to continue to fund and develop its high growth path. Ozur found appropriate investors aligned to the organisations beliefs, directions and customer-base, and assisted it fund the next stage of its development.

Ozur continues to provide advisory to the organisation and funding support at different stages of growth and development as required. Together we are creating a more secure environment based on forward thinking ethics and concerns.

The companies rapid and stable growth is creating an equitable array of jobs across the Security sector.


Ozur are working with a Drone software company to increase their markets across Asia-Pacific and Africa.

This easy to use software provides advanced actionable data to customers in mining, agriculture and utilities.

Ozur are creating a Joint Venture to help them enter new regional markets and to realise larger opportunities for sales and technology transformation.