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Our Futures


Ozur creates innovative integrated technology solutions. We help our customers and partners turn insights into action to address new world challenges.

We identify transformative business opportunities and coach entrepreneurs and customers to develop and deliver their products and services.

We use our sales channels, network operations centres and strategic executive management expertise to fast track and amplify business success.

Ozur introduce businesses to investors and guides them through startup and investment milestones. This way we deliver high-growth business ideas to market. Our focus is in key industries that transform Community outcomes, including Energy, Housing, Agriculture, Security, Health and Telecommunications.

We work with clients and partners aligned to our goals providing:

Integrated Technology Solution Design
Advanced Quality of Life for All
Startup Management from Funding through Operations
Investor, Professional Sales & Delivery Network


Ozur brings people, investments and services together to create actionable change. We identify, architect and deliver integrated, technolgy-centric solutions. We work with our clients and our extensive partner network to find paths to innovative service delivery and shared profitability in large and unique markets centred on social transformation and improvement.

Our innovative projects include:

  • Securing national security through new protection tools, locking devices, sovereign data capture & surveillance technologies
  • Improving independent living through & health safety using augmented health solutions
  • Bringing green energy solutions, at scale, to off-grid businesses & communities across Asia/Pacific with unstable network supply
  • Growing new agricultural economies
  • Addressing housing shortages
  • Providing advanced analytics solutions to advanced industries to increase their network intelligence & performance (see our JV, Graph.Direct).

We formulate ideas to address increasing social need, identifying paths to be the change we want to see in the world: delivering equity in access to power, technology and a healthy and safe lifestyle.

We work with our clients to build a sustainable business vision for their ideas, scope their projects and identify first steps to operation. We also help them find the right funding partners and delivery teams. Where possible, we connect their projects to the bigger network of change, amplifying their growth and the speed at which we transform markets and communities.

We are with you all the way.

The Ozur management team, board and advisory group include senior executives with a broad range of experience. We work with an extensive network of suppliers who support our ability to maximise opportunities across supply chains.

The Ozur business model supports the creation of new businesses, new & more sustainable marketplaces, & networked realisation of profitability, growth and change.